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Urban Myth

| Genre

Fantasy / Crime

| Type

Sandbox / Sim videogame 

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| OST | Urban mix radio

Urban Myth OST - on Spotify
Urban Myth OST - on Spotify

Just a typical day in the mythical neighbourhood.

Enter Labyrinth -- a city filled with all the magic and myth of folklore and fairytales. And riddled with the very real existential dread of the 5-day work week, rush-hour traffic, rent payments, rival gangs and that damn neighbour that just won't shut up @ 2 AM.


Oh yeah, and a crime lord who controls the city, the very fabric of time, and is hellbent on reminding the denizens that in Labyrinth: No one lives, and no one dies.


Urban Myth is a wild, urban fantasy story that will be develop into an sandbox / city simulator videogame that let's the player experience the wonderful city of Labyrinth firsthand.

"No one lives, and no one dies."

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