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Karoline Character - Karo


| Genre

Urban Fantasy

| Type

Animation / Graphic Novel 

| Year


| OpenSea Collection


In a city where standing UP for yourself and others in society leads to you standing OUT more and more everyday, one crew decides to use their outstanding color to continue the fight.


Follow the short stories of a graffiti gang called the 'Karoline Crew', as they light a blazing path of color in an uninspired society.


Graffiti and the surrounding subculture helped save me from an artistic "crisis of style" that had plagued me for years. It was watching graffiti writers do their craft and tell their stories that ebbed my grip and loosed my flow and allowed me to rediscover and find my style through the fog. This series is an homage and love song from me to the graffiti world that helped set me free.

"Stand UP and Stand OUT."

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